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Wedding Party

It’s because we are professional teamwork... One, who have both experiences and teamwork in wedding hosts for more than 10 years as we are a center services of completed weddings cycling event. You therefore, can trust on your extremely specialty day event will only be elegantly remembrance forever. With our amenity process, starting from an event planning, selecting of location until the selection of invitation cards, compliment or souvenir, meals, performances, photos recording, and after feast services. And so, you can be convinced of the quality event and worthwhile outcome.

Our Services:

  • The preparation of the Khanmark(stands for the settlement demanded of the groom’s parents by the bride’s parent before marriage) as well as a rite host
  • Groom & bride’s Garlands
  • Pouring Sacred Water rite (on the married couple)
  • Wedding Stage Decorations, including letters on Stage
  • Offerings for Monks
  • Meals Sets for Buddha Image and Shrine house
  • Buffet
  • Coffee break
  • Setting up Shops, Booths
  • Arbor   Flowers
  • Icy Sculpture
  • Dinner (Chinese table (rounded table), Vegetarian food, Vietnam food, and Isan food)
  • Matrimony Cake
  • Taking still-pictures, VDO shooting and VCD tape-recording, and Filming of Presentation on Projector.
  • Providing Lay-Out at worksite.
  • Arranging Bouquet and Decoration on the Frontal of Marriage car
  • Providing table sheets and chairs rentals
  • Providing Cards and Souvenir
Pleased to serving you across the country, since the to be- bridegroom & bride will be selecting of the package which chosen by us of which arranging on promotion or indicating an existing budget. We shall be delighted in planning of the event for worthwhile and impressively.

Any bridegroom and bride, requires more details, please contact Khun Plapplueng at Email: ppmetta@gmail.com or mobile phone number 081-429-5247, fax no 038-745-408 we shall contact you back soon without fail.

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