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Morning Event rite, Khanmark procession, Sacred Water Pouring Atmosphere

Khanmark (Stands for the settlement demanded of the groom’s parents by the bride’s parent before marriage.)

It is essential in the wedding rite which is arranged by bridegroom in procession arrangement coming to the bride’s house in the morning session of the ceremony day. Depending on the auspiciousness what time will it be or it might be a convenient favourableness. This is not much strictly concern at the present. Khanmark which arranged by the bridegroom normally be consisting of followings:

1. Khanmark Aik (first class stands) It could be arranged in a single or a pairs depending on favorable the locally traditional. In general, there are a tray for betel leafs, areca nut , tray for money and gold or portion and trays for auspicial things like bean sesame, paddy rice, silver leafs, golden leafs, dhokruk (love flower ) ,an amaranth, marigold, roses and so on. Mostly flowers which have the meanings of auspicial ones and preferred in the setting in pairs which makes more beauty and being more lustrated which considered from just the word “ pair “

2. Khanmark Thoh (Second class stands) will be used as food and sweets as well as the retinues of other Khanmark such as Liquor, banana tree, sugar cane , preferred arrange in pairs in the same way of Khanmark Aik and there is a red papers decorating for its elagant. But some traditional somewhere-else won’t take food which might be a three layer’s pork and sweets to be used in the wedding ceremony in case of preferring the convenience in the first place but there still at least, must be liquor, banana tree and sugar cane without fail.

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