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PP Catering Mission

PP Catering, aims to offer high quality of service and convenience in every steps with full of detail and outstanding in every corner and in every way. With the oath taking, we are ready to be one of all factors of your success and will be standing by your side in the significant day.
Focusing on the participation and in co-operation in decision making of our customer whereas our customer can inquire and obtaining detail in every steps which is flushed of quality, every suggestion with completely confident, no matter wherever you are.

PP Catering Products
With some limitation of time at present, and the readiness in various factors, resulting in the completely cycling arranging event service is more convenience in terms of budget control, no need to provide or to do the recruitment by one’s selves which causes tiresome and worrisome. PP Catering business plan is focusing the sales of various quality products and services which are categorized into 10 groups as following:

Morning event group/ Khan mark (Stands for the settlement demanded of the groom’s parent by the bride’s parents before marriage. or Portion preparation)
  • Middle Set of Khan mark, is consisting of Khan mark Aik (First class set ) 2 pairs ,Khanmark toh (second class set ) 18 pairs comprise lied pork in wrapped with banana leaves, sugar-cane ,beans and sesame ,liquor, Chinese cake, coconut, Kong-sweet (ring shaped sweets),banana, Fish-shaped sweet, orange with Chinese letter, Chinese mixed candy(Jan-up)- transparent noodle as well as a host.
  • Large Set of Khan mark, comprise a tray of Khan mark invitation ,portion trays consisting of money tray and gold tray, engagement ring tray and a tray for bride’s ring which will be given to the groom, a tray for candles ,joss-stick and silks tray for accepting of paying respects(wai), one set of Khan mark invitation tray (Stitched banana leaves rite in courtesan style) auspicial sweets 1 pair, Chinese mixed candy(Jan-up), ( cut peanut, cut-sesame ,fluffy-rice, candy, gourd syrup) 1 pairs, Chinese cake 1 pairs, Pomelo, banana, coconuts 1 pairs, sweet-orange ( 24 fruits each tray with Chinese letter sticking on each fruit) 2 pairs ( one for bride’s side and one another for bridegroom’s side) together with a host
  • The host is a person who knows well about the rite.
Event cluster Pouring Sacred water on the married couple:
  • Pouring Sacred Water sets, are available 2 colors to choose; cream and red.
  • A tray of fresh flower 1 pairs made from roses.
  • A tray of flower for pouring watering 1 pairs made from imported flower.
  • Bride & Groom’s garlands available of many different kinds at one’s choice.
  • Bride & Groom’s name billboard, able to choose the model at one’s choice.
Flowering Event cluster:
  • Fresh flower archway, which PP Catering would like to give the ultimate satisfaction to our customer. Therefore, customer’s idea participation theme is always most welcome. By allowing customer not only can choose the style required but also can bring the designs from else-where or in co-operation with PP catering create new model by setting up new price in accordance with the real cost of flowers at the present time.
  • Photo Archway; there are 2 styles are classical style made of cloth and or fresh flowers style, In general, it would be designed in the same way of fresh flowers archway.
  • On Stage front flowers, this one can be adapted into several styles. Possibly bring in other things to be rearranged for the better and properly situation such as candle stands, ball flower and others. Pricing is up to the theme of the event.
  • Candle stand, generally will be only used in the morning session, setting by the side of the pouring water rite. And can be used in the afternoon event as well, probable be sitting at the entrance or the side of the stage.
  • Chest flower bunch, which have 2 cases are:
    • First, for the groom or buttoneer which is commonly taking into consideration of matching of the groom suit and matching with the bride’s bouquet or not. Thus, it must be fitting in with the bow-ties and ties as well.
    • Secondly, for chest sticks for the bride & Groom’s senior relatives in order to indicating to guests of whom are the host apart from the bride & groom.
  • Car-Frontal Flower bunch, for putting on the car, one for picking up the bride & groom, made from the pink clothes.
  • Flower bunch + VIP table, generally, chairs are covered with the white table sheet but this VIP chairs are imported and covered with white sheet and yet tied with bow with flowery on the table. Besides, it can be rearranged even more exclusively beautiful.
  • Flower set + Registration table, setting in the front of the site PP Catering has arranged the decorated clothes by pleating up and shaping in many kinds of patterns for the most beauty with freshly flowery, together with a tray for the souvenir and envelope- box to be lending in order to save cost for the customer.
Icy sculpture Job cluster:
  • There are many styles and shapes of icy sculptures, such as swan, cubic, bird, hearts and so on. PP Catering will send our sculptor and staff to the site in advance for 1-2 hours as the icy sculpture will last in about 3-4 hours after shaping. However, it depends on the surroundings and atmosphere of the site as well.
  • Decorating the icy sculpture table, PP Catering is arranging by using the clothing and freshly flower for more outstanding of the icy sculpture.
Cakes cluster:
  • Consisting of high quality of raw material. And with our researched success for the ultimate benefits of the consumer. That the cake can be putting in the fridge which does not make loosing the taste and no stiff. Normally, you can see the real cake only one layer or only in the bottom layer while others are not, here our cake will real exist in on every layers as a complimentary for our customer. Besides, we arrange the cake- box for the bride mate bringing the cake home as well ( By the beliefs that any bride mate who put the cake underneath her pillow will soon meet her mate) Variety of cake tastes are available such as Orange, pandanus leaves, vanila,coffee and so on. Apart from wedding cake, customer can order birthday-cake at their choices for themselves in the future as we have more than 30 types to choose. Further evermore, customer can have their photo on the cake by printing.
Photos taking cluster:
  • Beginning with the still-picture. PP Catering has many professional photographers which are available more than 5 events per day and moreover, our photographers can be with you all through the day, spending time without limitation only you must be reserving the photos for 5 films or greater.
  • VDO tape-Recording, PP Catering is making VDO shooting beginning from start until the end ( Morning till evening with the same price ) and arranging for 2 sets , one for the bride side and one another for the groom side)
  • To filming for Presentation; PP Catering is focusing on the feedbacks of the requirement of customer. And our teamwork will in co-operation in talking shop and doing work-shop with our customer of its concepts in advance. And we can do the shooting both outdoor and indoor.
  • Projector Screen , is available in 200 inches with the motion-picture projector , including 2 cameras as well as 3 staffs in order to be able to do the real filming and shooting up on Screen.
Other job cluster:
  • Tents cluster
    • Tents cluster, available with several sizes beginning with the package size as 3x3 mtr. until 8 x 12 mtr. And three colors for selection are blue, green and white to be chosen for the properly individual event. Besides, the rentals we provide the tent decoration also.
  • Table & Chair and materials cluster;
    • Table & Chair, PP Catering has a wide table as 120, able to be obtaining for 8 persons, together with 8 chairs, table & chair cover sheets in white. Table & Chair Set comprise 8 chair cover sheets, 1 white table cover sheet, 1 white cover sheet with fruity pattern, or you can have other option by selecting the red sheet plus fruity pattern with orange flower, including staffs for covering and collecting materials.
      In case of VIP table, PP Catering has rearrange it specialty by adding a bow tied on each chair and more materials on table such as napkin. Generally, they are used in hotel event. But PP Catering aim to see outside customer might like to see something wonders and different which resulting in the colorful event. The colors available are white, cream, pink, golden and violet and it is arranged in the most convenient form for the usage, including the site-staffs for setting up for customer.
Minor job cluster:
  • Bridegroom & bride name’s signboard on stage
    PP Catering is giving an opportunity to customer to design for themselves and send us the design to do it accordingly with no limitation of number and styles.
  • Blessing book
    It is arranged by host for guest’s blessing at the registration table. And envelope collecting- box with many models to choose, including heart shaped and silver-gold sack. PP Catering has not only for selling but for rental as well in order to save cost for customer expenses.
    Site-lay-outing is a basis for guests whoever participating will learn some history of bridegroom & bride till the matrimony happened which will be based on the customer needs.
  • Pretty
    Pretty ,is a person who helps bridegroom & bride welcoming guests at site and directing guests to the seat zone as well as to be serving the VIP guests as PP Catering has full selection of those girls who have not only the good-looking but also the knowledge and ability in the services-oriented.
Sales Promotion cluster:
  • Initially, PP Catering has prepared the work system for the members by setting up the jobs planning together with documentation and promoted equipments for sales Promotion for the member in order to pave the ways in obtaining the guidelines of selling products and services. As for the studio, in the first time, arranging brochures for wedding event for 15 sets including the 5 VCD samples of wedding party for 1 studio. As for the factory member, member can withdraw the expenses by indicating the name and address of the company to be met with free of charges in the event. Next step will be the visiting the sponsors but member must pay at half price for the training aid on the price-list next time in terms of sales promotion.
Food & Beverage cluster:
  • Chinese Table (Rounded Table)
    • It is becoming popular in the celebrations of the wedding party and general occasions. Because its conveniences, host won’t be worrying about the party body. In this case , PP Catering is arranging the food cooking tasting for host for free of charge at site in order for host to be able to taste our cuisine and to see of the amount of food as well.( Rights Preserved for the event with guests number of 500 persons and greater )
  • Vegetarian Food Table
    • Some occasions, some customer might have a special guest as a vegetarian diet lover. In this case, PP Catering is arranging a vegetarian food whereas the cuisine of tastes and looks are closed to normal food by specialist chef, just to fulfilling the requirement.
  • Buffet
    • Food will be setting on tables in dinning room corners for customer to crab biting or picking out as one pleased. With many kinds of meals, starting from an appitizers ,main courses, sweets with freshly fruits as well as sets of table particularly for customer to be seating for everyone while eating. Normally, the buffet served time is from 18.30 hrs. Price at 200 baht and greater per head.
Price listing for Buffet style sets:
  • Food-Set price of PP Catering has many kinds which will be able to serve the customer numbers from 20 persons upwards. Any package price is consisting of various kinds of tasty food and delicious, the tastes can be applied to all ages in full of quality and reasonable prices as the following detail
  • Package number 1;
    comprises food 8 items, feast 20 persons for the price at 280 baht each feasts 50 person at 250 baht each , feasts 100 persons at 220 baht each
  • Package number 2;
    comprises food 7 items , feast 20 persons at 250 baht each, feasts 50 persons at 220 baht each and feasts 100 persons at 200 baht each.
  • Package number 3;
    comprises food 6 items , feast 20 persons at 230 baht each, feast 50 persons at 200 baht each and feast 100 persons at 180 baht each.
Buffet Services;
  • Every Package has a complimentary of cool drinking water by free of charge.
  • Soft drinks will be extra charged for 25 baht per bottle including an ice.
  • Punch Drinks services will be cost at 50 baht per person.
  • Outdoor feasting accessories including trays and crepe papers are available within the package.
  • Staff will be served at site through the end of the event.
  • Food Table will be decorated and covered with sheets and pleated and decorating clothes.
Transportation and Services Cost;
  • For feast 20 persons and greater the charges for Services & Transportation will be 2,000 baht.
  • For feast 50 persons and greater. The charges for Services & Transportation will be 2,500 baht.
  • For feast 100 persons and greater. The charges for Services & Transportation will be 3,000 baht.
  • Can be arranged in both indoor and outdoor as well as in the poolside which is informal theme. Focusing on the serving of drinks both alcoholics and non-alcoholics drinks. With the kinds of appetizers or snacks for customers who participates to enjoy eating by crab biting or picking out. This is best for greater numbers of guest feasting. In addition to this, still we have a shop setting up or food booth. Generally, this arrangement is for matching up the atmosphere of the theme work. Temple theme work might have arbors of food, some kinds of kuowkriap (smashed dried shrimp in Thai name) kite, Thai-fried. or theme of Isan native might have a archways of food like a fresh papaya salad or Moo Steh ( pork roasting ) Crocodile meat roasting, pork barbecue, meat , popcorn, fried France fried.
  • Drinks for rounded table (Chinese table) comprise 2 bottles of plain bottled water cont. 750 ml.2 bottles of soft drinks, 4 bottles of soda water and ice for free of charge (Ave. 5 kilograms per table) In this case; feaster must arrange the alcoholic drinks. If customer wants the waiters standing at the table all through the event that there will be some charged for it based on the number of guests. Coffee breaks; is consisting of tea, coffee, drinking water, sweets. This price is excluded the transportation. In addition to this, we also can provide fresh cool beer for fulfilling customer requirements.
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