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It's because we are a orifessional teamwork..

PP Catering  aim to arranging the completed cycling of event, variety of styles, including birthday anniversary, or  business party, various celebrations, housewarming and  merit making party or company merit-making  party, conference ,seminars, touring or rally organizing. We are delighted to serving the heart of heart services in every detail for unforgettable impression of our participants.

Particularly, your utmost special wedding day, therefore  you must be trusted that this ultimately importance and beautiful day  will be eternal, elegantly remembrance. With our process, starting from planning, locating till the selecting of invitation cards ,compliments ,food, performance ,photos recording, after feast services. Organizing wedding party whereas we could be able to conjure up the dream wedding  with the designs of wedding styles in relaying  of who you are.. As a host, will be taking good care of entirely work from the initially minute until the last guest saying good-bye. Thus, you can be trusted of the work given fulfilling of worthwhile  quality

PP Catering Services

PP Catering, is also providing both indoor and outdoor services, undertaking the providing of both hotels and clubs as well as other places required. Rendering foods both Cocktail Buffet and Chinese table together with drinks and soft drinks, as well as an alcoholic drinks (Beverage & Drinks), serving coffee break including fresh fruit juice is available. A joyful party can be   location decorated with beautiful flowers and accessories of which assorted designs for it divisible

Product Recommendation Grand Opening

One, who have both experiences and teamwork in wedding hosts for more than 10 years as we are a center services of completed weddings cycling event. You therefore, can trust on your extremely specialty day event will only be elegantly remembrance forever. With our amenity process, starting from an event planning, selecting of location until the selection of invitation cards, compliment or souvenir, meals, performances, photos recording, and after feast services. And so, you can be convinced of the quality event and worthwhile outcome.

Servicing of completed Cycling of Event

From the experiences and professional teamwork of various managements with directed targeting,. Within your satisfied budgets. No matter small or big event. Big budget or small, everything can be feasible as one wishes .No matter what event it is ,including feasting, concerts and new products introduction, conference, seminars, rally, trusting us to be a part of your success with our energetic work, with full ability as we are paying attention to all points, with being too much concern on every detail for our participant’s impression unforgettably. And enjoying with supporting activities which helps your party colorfully and impressed every participants.

Wedding Party

  • Arbor Flowers
  • Flowers for Location Decoration
  • Location Decorated Accessories at your choice style or at your own sweet will.
  • Location decorated with Icy Sculpture
  • Garlands for groom and bride with various styles and colors at your choice.
  • Chest flower bunches
  • Foam-Stage Name -Signs which is designed in accordance with the entirely atmosphere of the party
  • Cake with the decorated archway of cake
  • Envelope Collection-Box with the exceptionally style.
  • Blessing Book
  • Blessing Cards
  • Package Video Shooting as well as VCD /DVD tape recording in the party day
  • Still-Photo Photoghrapher
  • Organizing the Presentation in style of the mixture of different modernized
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